Robert Dietz  /  DJ Hell  /  Oxia  /  Tiefschwarz (Ali Dj-Set)  /  Alex Niggemann  /  DJ Wild  /  Purple Disco Machine  /  Hector Couto  /  Drums of Death  /  Look Like  /  Mixhell live  /  Patrick Pulsinger  /  Koven live  /  Marlon Hoffstadt  /  Brookes Brothers  /  Hamilton  /  Wolfram  /  J-Live  /  MOTSA  /  Dizzy Womack  /  Primarie  /  Guy from Downstairs  /  Etepetete  /  Xander&Niederreiter  /  Activingers  /  Dalo  /  Cargo  /  Dorian Pearce  /  Holy Notes  /  Mandoiu b2b Shallen  /  Laurens b2b Bendejo  /  DinAdd!ct  /  Zanshin  /  Apua b2b Kwak  /  Nu:Lane  /  Attila  /  Ja:kova  /  Nomad  /  PDF aka Phil da Funk  /  Asumi  /  rawshitz  /  Je:wax  /  Wladimir Glitchcore  /  Doc Snyder  /  Milian b2b Hubi  /  Mischkonsum b2b Dino de Mees  /  Elwood  /  Heimleita  /  Johnny Breaks  /  DJane Eos  /  Xicurry  /  Manufacture  /  DJ Snare  /  Zonar  /  Capja  /  Ambiont  /  MC DAXTA  /  Pete van Weed  /  Klang Sauna b2b Rik Moser  /  Seismo  /  alternativKlang  /  Gabriel Ornik  /  Shiny Decks Gordon  /  Whyis  /  Nufunk with Saxofon  /  Sanpedro  /  Ill:behaviour  /  David Long  /  Zeiger Soundsystem  /  Steve Wonder  /  Chris Chronsky  /  Hedgeshots  /  Farbenfroh  /  Rivian  /  Flexoo  /  Illip  /  Electrosacher  /  Minit  /  Sepsis  /  Konn Fused  /  miSsuki  /  Protone  /  KlingKlang  /  Roland Peer  /  Phunk Dramatic  /  Whoop-Whoop Crew  /  Bogdo  /  Bernstein  /  M.A.R.S.  /  Cheever  /  Fontarrian  /  Werner Jauk  /  [mo:ya]  /  Montage Sauvage  / & Smash Armada  /  Miss Liz  / 




Eventjet - Online Tickets
Very limited 4-Day-Festival-Pass EUR 48,00
1-Day-Tickets EUR 15,00 + 0,70 Ticket Fee 


Box office sale

Wed. - Sat. @ Postgarage 22:00
Fri. @ Thalia Bar 22:00
1-Day-Tickets EUR 17,00


Weitzer Hotels are partner of Springfestival Graz 2014. And how do festival guests benefit from that? Right there are special rates for you! For reservations and online bookings please simply click on the links below. Attention! Limited allotment.

Hotel Wiesler


The new and unconventional has found its way into Hotel Wiesler - the official partner hotel of the Springfestival - in Graz: From the ‘Speisesaal’ restaurant which keeps modern street art, international dishes and a breezy soul ready for the evenings to an in-house barber. What’s more? Free WiFi, stylish old-fashioned city bikes are standing by for a city tour and sauna and steam bath to relax.

Book the special room rate directly here.

Daniel Graz


“Smart Luxury” is the idea which inspires everything and everyone at the Hotel Daniel – the official partner hotel of the Springfestival. Purposeful streamlining. It is all about ideas which don’t get in the way of our guests, but which accommodate travellers who are looking for express and not excess. “Smart Luxury” is in step with your needs and often one step ahead too. It only offers the modern traveller what he really needs. Sometimes a little more. But never a little less.

Book the special room rate directly here.

Das Weitzer


Located in the centre of Graz, the largest hotel and official partner of the Springfestival in the city has a lot to offer, which is out of the ordinary: traditional food and wine, a gift shop in the restaurant ‘Der Steirer’, a florist’s, the old cafe, ‘Kaffee Weitzer’ and even a wellness area with sauna, steam bath and fitness machines for working out. Also: nice details like bikes and a Mercedes 280 SL for hire and free WiFi throughout the entire hotel ‘Das Weitzer’ area.
Book the special room rate directly here.